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Environmental Sustainability

The water of our networks: a choice of environmentally friendly quality … Fresh, Sparkling and Controlled!


Using the Water of our networks, we do not waste a precious resource and assure a future for our planet. With this choice you save and contribute to reducing the consumption and disposal of plastic bottles.


But what does drinking Tap Water mean?

Tap water is at home, familiar and indispensable for our lives, yet many differences remain when we use it to drink. Water to be drinkable, not only must not contain micro-organisms and parasites, or other substances, in quantities or concentrations such as to represent a potential danger to human health, but must not exceed even certain maximum values ​​of substances not exactly harmful to the health.


The law in this regard is very strict. Drinking Tap Water is regulated by D.P.R. n ° 236/1998 and by the legislative decrees num. 31/2001 and num. 27/2002, which derive from European directives that have imposed very strict requirements. It is a common opinion that the quality of tap water is lower than that of bottled water. The analytical data provided by the laboratories of companies in the water sector and ASL, tell us that tap water is of good quality, with a dose of mineral salts and concentrations of various dissolved substances always within the limits set by current legislation and that it has nothing to envy to the water in bottles. The checks concern all the municipalities served by local water.


Capital Acque offers a service for the personalization of good network water through its equipment, capable of cooling and gasing tap water, without altering its organoleptic characteristics. The proposed service is suitable to meet the needs of individuals, offices, companies, restaurants and public administrations.


Today, from its headquarters in Bernareggio (MB), it operates throughout Lombardy boasting a strong interaction with local authorities – proposing some innovative projects such as the modern Houses of Water. The company has also received the “Environment Friendly Friend Innovation” award for the activity of reducing the environmental impact deriving from the use of network water.


The Water Rights Charter

This very important Charter was promulgated in Strasbourg on 6 May 1968 by the Council of Europe as it speaks to all of us, we want to offer you the reading, ensuring that Capital Acque shares the principles outlined and the commitments made.


  1. There is no life without water. Water is a precious commodity, indispensable to all human activities.
  2. Fresh water reserves are not inexhaustible. It is essential to preserve them, control them and, if possible, increase them.
  3. Altering the quality of water means harming the life of man and of other living beings that depend on it.
  4. The quality of the water must always be maintained in such a way that it can meet the needs of the intended uses, especially for public health needs.
  5. When the water, after being used, is returned to the natural environment, it must be in conditions that do not compromise the possible uses of the environment, both public and private.
  6. The conservation of an appropriate plant cover, preferably forest, is essential for the conservation of water resources.
  7. Water resources must be carefully inventoried.
  8. Good water management must be a matter of planning by the competent authorities.
  9. Safeguarding water involves an important effort in scientific research, training of specialists and public information.
  10. Water is a common heritage whose value must be recognized by all. Everyone has the duty to economize it and use it with care.
  11. The management of water resources should be framed in the natural basin rather than within administrative and political borders.
  12. Water has no boundaries. It is a common resource, the protection of which requires international cooperation.