The project “L-S.R.T. – Large-Scale Retail Trade – Your Sustainable Cost” was designed and created with the aim of reducing waste production and increasing separate waste collection, in particular it was designed to:


  • reduce the environmental impact * both for the production and disposal of plastics;
  • increase consumer confidence in the quality of the water service;
  • reduce the costs associated with the consumption of mineral water;
  • promote the use of network water.


* with environmental impact means that with the diffusion of the machines involved in the initiative an ecological benefit is involved in reducing the consumption and disposal of plastic bottles, as well as their transport.


Among the benefits of the initiative we point out:


  • the creation of an eco-sustainable identity;
  • customer loyalty;
  • the reduction of transport costs;
  • the reduction of waste disposal costs.


If you want more information about it, write to: info@capitalacque.com


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